Want to host a prayer room?

Last week, we shared our desire to see a movement of continuous prayer over 100 days in response to the centenaries of 2016. One of the ways you can join this movement of prayer is to host a prayer room, anytime between 6th February and 15th May. We would love to see 100 churches hosting a prayer room for 24 hours - could your church be one of them?

The concept of a 24-7 Prayer Room is simple. It’s just praying without stopping, in one hour shifts around the clock, in a room or space that has been set aside for this purpose. Most prayer rooms are decorated creatively to inspire prayer, and to enable people to experiment with different styles and types of prayer. The most important thing about a prayer room, however, is that it is a place where people can go to meet with God. 

There are three simple steps to hosting a prayer room.

1. Register your prayer room

Simply complete this online form to register the date and time you will host your prayer room.

2. Create a space

Find somewhere that is accessible 24 hours a day that will be safe and easy to access. We strongly suggest that a host be present at all times. Once you’ve found your space, then you can get creative. Include inspirational images, verses and suggestions for prayer. You can also include materials for art, music and activities - anything to engage the heart and mind of everyone in prayer. 

We’ve put together a helpful resource of creative ideas and prayer prompts around the 100 days themes of healing, honour and hope to help guide you as you host your prayer room. Find it here

For more information on prayer room set-up check out ‘How to set up a 24-7 prayer room’ resource here.

3. Mobilise people to pray

Finally, mobilise people to come together in continuous prayer! Let your church know well in advance what’s happening and, using a sign-up sheet, encourage people to sign up for hourly shifts in the prayer room.

Thank-you for helping us cover 100 days with continuous prayer for healing, honour and hope.

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