100 days for 100 years

A movement of prophetic prayer for healing of the past, honour in the present and hope for the future.


Throughout the life of our society, significant cultural moments arise where people of faith are called to step forward and lead the way. We believe 2016 is such a time. 

In 2016, our country marks the centenary of both the Easter Rising and the Battle of the Somme, in the middle of a decade of centenaries. While these anniversaries have the potential to divide our community, this is a significant moment for the church to unite and lead society in response to the historic events that have shaped the story of this land. Beginning just before Lent, we hope to encourage Christians to prayerfully reflect on the centenaries journeying through Easter to a hope-filled conclusion on Pentecost Sunday. True reconciliation is found in Jesus in whom all the broken and dislocated pieces get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies. Our desire is to see Christians grasp this unique pastoral and prophetic opportunity for grace-filled conversations, shaping our nation’s narrative and sharing stories of hope. 

In 2016, from the 6th February to the 15th May, a network of individuals, organisations and churches will come together over 100 days of continuous prayer for our nation.

Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland, 24/7 Prayer Ireland and Summer Madness will partner with others to organise churches across Northern Ireland to cover every minute of the 100 days in prayer. During this time, we invite as many churches as possible to sign up to host a prayer room where members can sign up (as individuals or small groups) for one-hour slots. We will provide some creative guides and resources to help inform prayers throughout this season, but churches are free to dream up their own prayer rooms. 

This prayer driven movement will include a series of events throughout the 100 days and a variety of resources to allow individuals to personally engage with the wider movement. These resources will include a daily devotional app, a website and a magazine full of prayers poetry, photos and articles – all designed to inspire healing of the past, honour in the present and hope for the future.

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